Sectional Garage Doors in Cambridgeshire

Sectional doors are a great choice for your property when robust construction, security and insulation are priorities. There is a wide range of styles, colours and finishes to create a modern harmonious appearance .Sectional Doors are supplied either in a Single-skin section, 42 mm thick sections or with 67 mm thick sections with thermal breaks, offering excellent thermal insulation.

Advantages of a sectional garage door

  • Cars can be parked directly in front of the door, as there is no kick out during opening. This means that you can make the most of the parking space on your driveway.
  • These doors provide great protection from the elements, as they seal extremely well against the weather.
  • Provide the full drive through width, perfect for wider vehicles.
  • Fitted with durable plastic frame shoes to stop corrosion
  • Modern energy saving door
  • Available in Nordic Pine and Hemlock timber
  • Available with wicket doors and windows
  • Available as Side Hinged doors

See what a sectional garage door can provide for you:

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